A More Compleat Narrative of the Investigation at Bara-Hack

You have only heard part of this story here. There is more to this story of voices, sounds and psychic photographs that are not featured on this website. Some of it is much more terrifying, and all of it contributes to the growing legend of Bara-Hack.

Paul F. Eno, one of the investigators who explored the village of Bara-Hack that fall, has been an investigator of paranormal phenomena in New England for nearly 30 years. Mr. Eno is a prize-winning journalist, publisher, and was former news editor for The Providence Journal in Providence, Rhode Island. His articles have appeared in Yankee, FATE, Pursuit, American History Illustrated and other national magazines.

He now works as a freelance writer, editor and publisher in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He is available for lectures on the Investigation at Bara-Hack and on other paranormal phenomena he has observed.

An account of paranormal activity that he has ACTUALLY WITNESSED or experienced in Southern New England, including poltergeists, psychic photography, vampire scares - as well as much more information on this 1971 investigation of "The Village of Voices" - can be found in his 1998 book "Faces at the Window". He has also conducted an extensive investigation into missing ships in the New England region.

"Faces at the Window" is available from your local bookseller, from online booksellers Barnes and Noble.com and amazon.com, as well as from the Paranormal Webpage of New River Press, NewEnglandGhosts.com , where you can leave your own stories of the supernatural for Mr. Eno to read.

At only $12.00, this is a reasonably-priced book, and it usually ships to you very quickly.




Final Notes:

  • NOTE 1: Please do not write asking for directions to Bara-Hack. I do not know how to get there, and the author, Paul Eno, says he will not share this information, because the site is technically posted "No Trespassing" and is surrounded by private property, which he respects.
  • NOTE 2: This Web site features an actual investigation of an actual town that has a reputation for being haunted. These events have been documented in the pages of national magazines, and the town and its surrounding folklore are well known to many in the New England Region. It is not a hoax, and no part of this story has been fabricated.


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