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About Abbott PR

What APR Does
Abbott Public Relations (a division of Abbott Media Group) offers written communications services and strategies that strengthen your reputation with your past, present and future clients, within your company and in your community.

Building a reputation means starting from the beginning with some very basic questions: What is your reputation now? Where do you want to go in the future as a company or as an individual? What, exactly, do you wish to be known for doing or being? Whom, exactly, needs to know you, and what you do?

APR employs various communications tools and skills to determine the answers, the first being a long discussion with YOU, the client. Then, a discussion with those with whom you do business will uncover where you stand now. Next, depending on your goals, APR will use specially chosen tools and skills to advance those goals over time, with a mutually agreed upon timetable.

APR will also undertake straightforward publicity campaigns or one-off writing assignments. Ask for a comprehensive rate sheet.

About Stephen Abbott
Stephen Abbott, principal of APR, works one-on-one with clients to develop strategies that support their goals and help them pursue their objectives and dreams.

He brings years of public relations and media writing experience to his clients, as well as his intuitive strategy-building skills that enable him to create just the right strategy for a public relations effort that will bear fruit.

Abbott PR has done work on behalf of numerous and varied professionals
throughout the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, including political candidates, elected officials, religious leaders, attorneys, artists, accountants, landscapers, and non-profits.

Abbott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts with a concentration in Public Relations from the
University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida and an Associates degree in Liberal Arts from Polk State College in Winter Haven, Florida.

Services are available for a surprisingly affordable retainer. Please contact APR for a rate sheet and to discuss your needs.

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