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The 30x11 Calendar is featured in "A New Calendar for the World" by Abbott ePublishing! Click below for details:

A New Calendar for The
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                                the 30x11 Calendar and other great
                                reform proposals

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Yes, we can have a calendar that is easy to remember, and one of which we can ALL be proud!

It's called the "Thirty-Eleven" Calendar, a new calendar reform proposal that is simple to grasp, and its reasons for worldwide adoption are, too.

Making the calendar year's first 11 months identical in length (30 days) has great advantages for businesses and individuals alike. It makes it easy tday plannero memorize and is simply more logical than the current calendar design.

This site will explore why having a calendar that makes sense is important, and how it can be adopted throughout the world - in our lifetimes. Check out the links, at left, to learn more about this compelling new calendar concept.
















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